CrossPlatformInput Detect Multiple Input Headache

Hey Unity community,

I have quite the issue with the CrossPlatformInput assets. I have a 2D Action/Platformer that I’m building. Everything was great. The game runs smooth when I test with my keyboard. Then I added the CrossPlatformInput Assets to my project. I have one joystick and four buttons. However, I built the game and loaded it to my tablet to test the controls better. When I’m running, I can’t press any of the buttons. It took all of the Action out of the platformer.

My joystick controls are in fixed update and I have a function to handle all my input that is called in update.

When I am running and hit the attack button, the character should stop and attack, whether the joystick is to the left/right or not. It works on my keyboard just fine, does anyone know a fix for this?

I have this problem too!