CrossplatformInput not detecting MultiTouch on Android build

I am working on a simple 2D platformer for mobile devices with simple left-right-movement(Horizontal-axis) and a jump button(UI). I am using StandartAssets → CrossplatformInput → Prefabs → MobileSingleStickControl in Unity 5.2.3 (because on older versions I had no response on my Android build when touching the screen… even if everything worked fine in the editor and Remote4.)
THE PROBLEM on Android build: whenever I drag my joystick to a side I can not use the jump button at the same time. Instead it drags the joystick to the angle I used to press the button. So I can only jump when i stop completely touching the joystick. I also tried to place the button as far away as possible from the joystick, even in a higher y-position, but still… Issue remains. I see this as missing MultiTouch…
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo and it has all multitouch-possibilities a modern mobile device should have. I really have no idea how to fix it… hope some of you guys could help me out.

Hey mate. I solved it. Just update to Unity 5.3(8.Dez). It contains tons of bug fixes :slight_smile: just be sure to choose “support Android build” when downloading.