crossy road style character selection screen.

I am creating a character selection screen using Scroll Rect. I was looking at how crossy roads does it. First off I noticed that the selected character scales up and does not scroll when you move the scroll view a tiny bit. Also the scroll view does not scroll to the next character untill you push it with some “x” amount of force, else it just scrolls back. I tried tweaking the decelaration but the scroll view always scrolls to the next one. Not sure if this explanation is really clear, but if anyone has any tips on how to do this let me know.

Found this great tutorial series online, hope it helps others

I think you can attack a gameobject to the object in the scroll rect so that you can manage separately, for example, stopping when selected, the object visible while the user continues to interact with the invisible object that continues to move. I do not know if I was clear, but in practice you can attack your gameobject such a transparent Button in the scrool rect.

This is my character selector using this solution: Character Selector Pro | Systems | Unity Asset Store

It is very similar to the style of Crossy road !