Crunched texture compression - when to use?

Can someone explain in detail when it’s the appropriate time to use “Crunched” compression mode on a 2D texture, rather than “Compressed” or “Truecolor”? What sort of performance impact does it have exactly?

Thank you!

As longs as you’re happy with the quality of the resulting compressed texture, crunched compression offers the smallest size footprint on the disk. But it’s decompression speed is quite fast also so it doesn’t impact the runtime performance as much.

One thing to note though, crunched compression is only available for hardware which support the dxt format. If your target hardware does not support it, your textures will be decompressed on load instead of getting decompressed at runtime while uploading to the gpu per texture. What it means is, longer loading times and more memory usage. The game would still work but not only the compression would be pointless, it would be harmful.

So I think it makes sense to use it for desktop platforms, windows store and windows phones.

and crunched ETC2??