.cs and .js can work together but..

In my case for example I have .cs on my player and .js on my car suppose when I hit “E” button the camera change from player to car as im inside. I cant prove this yet because at the moment my car float as there a wind blow and I believe to be problem with the tyre script or export. In the other scene that has proven work, the player and the car is fully .js I wonder if anyone know .js and .cs can collaborate together to give me passion know that this will work and would be helpful if you know how to solved the floating issue should it be easy

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you can use both .js and .cs in a single project, but it only goes ONE WAY, they can’t talk back and forth

to make this work you would put the one to compile first in a folder which will compile first:


for example, you can put your C# files in a folder called “Plugins” inside your Assets folder… then, the .js scripts will be able to see them. BUT, the C# scripts will NOT be able to see the javascript.

Do yourself a favor and just pick one language, you can only use the other if you know it only goes one way