CS0116 "A namespace can only contain type and namespace declarations"

I am getting this error but I don’t understand why. It says it is on line 108.
Here is my script please help me.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class AISimple : MonoBehaviour {
	public float Distance;
	public Transform Target;
	public float lookAtDistance= 50.0f;
	public float chaseRange= 20.0f;
	public float moveSpeed= 1.0f;
	public float Damping= 6.0f;
	public float fov= 160.0f;

	public int damage= 5;
	public int range= 5;
	public int force= 5;

	public Renderer muzzleFlash;
	public Light muzzleLight;
	private RaycastHit hit;

	public int direction = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward);
	public RaycastHit shot;
	public CharacterController controller;
	public float gravity = 20.0f;
	private Vector3 moveDirection = Vector3.zero;
 * Is player in line of sight?

	void Awake(){
		muzzleFlash.enabled = false;
		muzzleLight.enabled = false;
		//allowfire = true;

	bool LineOfSight ( Transform target  ){
		if (Vector3.Angle(target.position - transform.position, transform.forward) <= fov &&
		    Physics.Linecast(transform.position, target.position, out hit) &&
		    hit.collider.transform == target) {
			return true;
		return false;
  This ai will fly and move through objects inlcuding terrain!
	void  Update (){
		if (LineOfSight(Target) == true && hit.transform == Target) // Target is player
			//enemy sees you - perform some action
			// Gauge the distance to the player. Line in 3d space. Draws a line from source to Target.
			Distance = Vector3.Distance(Target.position, transform.position);
			// Turn yellow enemy is getting close. Will chase soon.
			if (Distance < lookAtDistance)
			// Attack! Chase the player until/if player leaves attack range.
			if (Distance < chaseRange)
				chase ();

			//enemy doesn't see you
	// Turn to face the player.
	void  lookAt (){
		// Rotate to look at player.
		Quaternion rotation= Quaternion.LookRotation(Target.position - transform.position);
		// Dampening will slow the turn speed of enemy.
		transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, rotation, Time.deltaTime * Damping);
		//  transform.LookAt(Target);

	void  chase (){
		moveDirection = transform.forward;
		moveDirection *= moveSpeed;
		moveDirection.y -= gravity * Time.deltaTime;
		controller.Move(moveDirection * Time.deltaTime);

	void  attack (){
	// Did we hit anything?
	if (Physics.Raycast (transform.position, direction, shot, range)) {
		Debug.DrawRay(transform.position, direction * range, Color.green);
		// Apply a force to the rigidbody we hit
		if (hit.rigidbody)
			hit.rigidbody.AddForceAtPosition(force * direction, hit.point);
		hit.collider.SendMessageUpwards("ApplyDamage", damage, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
	muzzleFlash.renderer.enabled = true;
	muzzleLight.enabled = true;
	yield return new WaitForSeconds(2);
	muzzleFlash.renderer.enabled = false;
	muzzleLight.enabled = false;
	yield return new WaitForSeconds(2);
	//allowfire = true;

Your bracket on line 106 closes off your class. Move the bracket to the end of the file.