CS0120 : An object reffrence is required to access a non static member :

if (!ikTargetPos.DebugIK)
switch (weaponType)
case WeaponType.Pistol:

here>>>>> IKTargetPos.ElbowPlacement.localPosition=ikTargetPos.elbowPistolPos;
break ;
case WeaponType.Rifle:
here>>>>> IKTargetPos.ElbowPlacement.localPosition=ikTargetPos.elbowRiflePos;

This error means that you are attempting to access an instance member but you are trying to do soe from within a static method. (or with a class reference instead of an instance one).

From the code you’ve provided it looks like either IKTargetPos.ElbowPlacement is not an instance reference. OR ikTargetPos.elbowPistolPos is not. Based on the letter casing, I’m inclined to point to it being IKTargetPos.ElbowPlacement but I could be wrong.

Double Check the value you are trying to set and the value you are setting it to, and also make sure you are not within a static method on your script (because that wont be able to access the instance members)