.csproj not being created

I made a post on the forums but no one has answered yet so I figure I’ll try my luck here.

So, I’ve used unity for roughly eight years with the majority of the work done within csharp. And, I’ve used VSCode for about a year now on several computers and I have yet to have had this issue and I’m clueless with what is causing it.

I just reinstalled windows, installed VSCode and Unity and I noticed quite quickly that intellisense was not working. I poke around and first thing its the C# or Unity Snippet plugin but after trying out different alternatives it appeared none of them were working. So, I start looking around in my project folder and C# solutions are not being created. I point this to this being my first time I installed unity without visual studio so I install visual studio. After, I open the project in VS and it works. Intellisense and everything. So, I go back to VSCode and intellisense is not working. I look at the solution again and I am missing all of the “Assembly-CSProj.sln”[?] files that normally spam the project folder. I don’t know if this is related but i’ve never had this issue with the generation of the solution.

So, I reinstalled VSCode, Unity, and VS and none of this is working properly. Help.

I have the same issue with VS2019 an Unity 2019, now updating studio maybe it will help