.csproj not being created?

So I've used Unity for since 2009 without this issue but I recently reinstalled windows and I reinstalled VSCode (Which is my preferred IDE[?] over VS) However, this time I reinstalled the nightly build because I am a rebel.

Anyway, unity is not creating the .csproj now as it should which in turn is not giving me my intellisense in VSCode. I figure this is somehow related to me choosing the nightly build and not the stable version of VSCode.

So, I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this or tell me how to force the creation of the .csproj file. Thanks.

I installed Visual Studio with C# and just uninstalled VSCode Nightly and installed the stable version and it's still not working.
I never had this problem before and Visual Studio is also not loading the intellisense for unity which makes me think it's an issue with Unity itself?