css(counter strike source) map into unity3d

hello everybody,

Several years ago i made a CSS map of a huge building in my hometown. Well, i want to create a game based on this map. I dont want to re-model everything again, so i just want to port this css map into unity3d.

I export this .bsp map into a vmf file and open it with 3dsmax. Everything is shown correctly there. I export this map into 3ds file and import it in unity3d. The building is there but withouth the texture! Just the blank building(everything is black).

How can i import this WITH textures on it? It almost drives me crazy…

Sil B.

Unity separates meshes and textures. To do this correctly you would have to separate certain things such as buildings and other meshes that isn’t a part of the ground. This is to optimize texture sizes and resolutions but never the least drawcalls, culling and LOD. Each object will have vertex-coordinates where the texture is mapped.

Textures can be reused so many times you might as well call it infinite, so make sure you have atlases for details that belongs together and larger textures for tiling separate.

This shouldn’t be a huge amount of work though as you have most of the structure ready, depending on the size and detail of course.

well, since im barely new to unity3d, i cant follow you.

This is how i got it so far: alt text

what is my next step which i need to do?