Cube Clips Through Plane

I am implementing a system where the user can pick up cubes and manipulate them like in half life. Everything is working really well except for the fact that when I pick up a cube and look down the cube will clip through the floor which is a plane. Is there any type of collision I can add to the plane to fix this?

I had this problem with other cubes but I fixed them by adding rigid body to the other cubes. I’ve tried this with the plane and it just causes problems.

The way I am doing this is attaching the cube to the main camera so it will follow the main camera. Does anyone have any ideas?


You could attach it to a secondary camera on a higher layer than the main camera that only sees the cube.

Even if it physically intersects the floor, it will draw on top of it.

Instead of using a plane, use a cube with a box collider. Adding colliders to a plane never seems to work well. Your cub should now never go through the floor as according to the physics system it won’t be possible.