Cube colliders and cars


I’m using 3d cubes in my car game as walls for racing tracks, but when a car collides with it, it looks very clunky and sometimes bounces backwards.

What do I need to do to get the walls to have more of a friction-like effect?

to expand upon the first comment, You create Physics Materials to set friction and bounce to Colliders, Create a new physics material and add it to your terrain or vehicle and set the friction and bounce parameters to suit your needs, Also are your collisions handled by a rigidbody? if it is a rigidbody the above should work, if it is not a rigidbody then you should handle collisions by using FixedUpdate(). The Center of Gravity could also be relative to your problem, and try adding more Box Colliders(if your using Rigidbody) to spread the weight of your vehicle.