Cube player not sliding smoothly on floor made from prefab cubes

I’ve got a cube with rigid body and box collider as my player. The floor is generated from a script which instantiates a handful of objects from a prefab 1x1x1 scale cube which also has both rigid body and box collider. I’m adding force to the player cube to slide it across the floor made of the prefab cubes. While the floor looks (visually) to be smooth, there must be a seam between the cubes… the edge of the player cube catches sometimes (not at each seam between floor cubes, only about 1/3 of the time from my estimation from testing in the Game view), causing the player cube to register OnCollisionExit and the cube rotates forward a bit, then almost immediately OnCollisionEnter when it rotates back to starting rotation as it continues to slide across the floor.

Any ideas what may be causing the floor to not be as smooth (in the physics world) as it appears to be on-screen? I need the floor to be smooth so there is no OnCollisionExit registering (or unwanted rotation) as the player cube moves from one floor cube to the next. I’m using a script to generate and recycle the floor cubes.

I’d try using a sphere or capsule colder instead of a box collider. (just make sure to lock rotation)

This makes it so your cube will then “roll” over any rough surface.

I had the exact same problem so I applied a physics material to my object that had no friction. I hope this helps someone out!