cube rotating for no reason, how can I stop this?,Object Rotating for no reason, how do I stop it?

So, I am very new to Unity. I have a “Player” which is a cube moving across a plain with 0 friction. The cube is being moved by a forward force. For some strange reason, the cube will have a very slight rotational velocity as it is moving forward, I would just disable rotation but I want the cube to display physics as it collides with objects. I have tried only enabling rotation once a collision with an object has occurred but as the collision has already happened the physics reaction is not correct. Does anybody know how to remove this slight rotation that is happening to this cube?

Ok, so after reading the comments i think that the problem could be that either:

  1. Static Friction was not set to 0 (for the material on the moving obj)
  2. Friction Combine was not set to Minimum (for the material on the moving obj)

If that is not the case, then please provide further details on the object material, ground material and other factors that could influence the rotation of the object

@PaulDarius98 Thank you mate, I was kind of stuck in my development for the same reason, my cube that has a forward force was moving to the right and rotating to the “left” on his own. I just set the Friction Combine to minimum and it worked.