"Culture name neutral is not supported" when using Parse.Unity.dll

I’ve updated this question to reflect new information I have based on Josh’s suggestion below. I was able to narrow my trouble down to Parse initialization call. I get the exception “Culture name neutral not supported”

Version : Unity 5.1.1p2

Scripting backend : IL2Cpp
Architection: Universal
SDK Version: Simulator SDK

Xcode version 6.3.2
iOS deployment target 7.1
iPhone Simulator SDK 8.3

Parse version:

From the Stack Trace:

  1. ParseInitializeBehavior_Awake
  2. ParseInitializeBehavior_Initialize
  3. ParseClient
  4. ParseClient_get_Version()
  5. ParseName — in this function the value for ___assemblyName is : Parse.Unity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
  6. CultureInfo_CreateCulture (name = “neutral”)
  7. CultureInfo_ctor
  8. CultureInfo_ConstructInternalLocaleFromName

Raises “Culture name neutral is not supported”

Is there a fix for this?

Note : Duplicate thread on Parse’s forum on Stack Overflow here : xcode - Parse related Error while building Unity project for iOS (Culture name neutral is not supported) - Stack Overflow

The type Il2CppExceptionWrapper is used by IL2CPP to wrap managed exceptions in C++ exceptions. You can set an exception breakpoint in Xcode when an exception of type Il2CppExceptionWrapper is thrown, then inspect the exception to determine its cause. There is some information about how to do this in Xcode here:

This appears to be fixed with Parse 1.5.3