Curious if there are any cool places that we can directly link the web build of our game

I don't know the deployment of web builds so well, but the idea of just linking my game like lets say on a forum like this is really exciting.

Are there any ways to link our web build on certain forums and have the window show up in real-time so anyone who wants to play our game can just click the play button?

So currently supposedly I can link this:


And it will link to the game page.

But how feasible is it to just create the window here on the Unity forums where people could just play the game in this post?

You can most easily publish web builds on Unity Play:
On the Asset Store is a free asset by Unity called WebGL Publisher which gives you a single-click deployment option from within the editor.

Forums and social media in general typically prohibit embedding other websites or content via iframe as it is a major, MAJOR security issue. You can of course post links, or if you are clever, post a screenshot of the target page with that „Play“ button and then link that screenshot. This entices people to click the image. :wink:

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I think most web forums do not support embedding iframes of external web sites to the forum posts directly. If they did, that would allow users to “hijack” the web forum comments to display arbitrary external web sites and other content, and would be considered a security risk by many.

Typically web forums only then allow hotlinking very specific kinds of links only, like YouTube URLs for an embedded video player.

Maybe Unity Web content would become known enough in the future to cross that threshold, so that an embedded or Unity Play URL would become a thing to be embedded as a “game player” widget into forums? Who knows…

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I will check this out thanks!

It would be super cool if we could make our web builds playable here from posts in the Unity forums, just a crazy idea! Obviously people might just start spamming their builds, which would make it only reasonable for sub forums like “made with Unity” and at that point maybe it’s not worth the effort.

Would be really darned cool though, just being able to deploy a web build right here to get feedback or show off.

Imagine you guys make an announcement that you have some new Anti Aliasing solution. “Here’s a feature we’re working on” and literally you have a small playable build that’s maybe a few megabytes showing off the feature. That’d be damned cool.

Anyhow, thanks for the info!

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