Currency localization problem for Yen, Won, and Yuan

I’m having an issue developing my game for asian markets. The issue is currency and supporting the major ones (dollar, euro, pound, kroner, yen, yuan, and won). I am using .NET libraries to format my currencys:

Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo(“ja-JP”);

string currencyAmount = String.Format(“{0:c}”,12345.67f);

I then use an arial font set to unicode and set my TextMesh.text = currencyAmount;

For $, Euro, Kroner everything works fine. For Japanese yen, I get a "" backslash character returned as its currency symbol. The won shows up blank in the textmesh, but on a Debug.Log() it shows the Won symbol.

Any ideas? thanks. JohnE

That can happen if the character you are trying to print can’t be found in the font you are using. My guess is that this is the problem.

Did you ever figure this out. I’m having the exact same problem

I am having the exact problem. I am working with Ngui. I can see Yen sign in editor, but as soon as I put it on Ipad or Iphone the sign disappears