Current state of advanced water shaders in Unity(5)

this subject could perhaps fill a book but I’ve spent almost an entire day seaching online and in the Asset store but still haven’t been able to figure out what is the best option in terms of realism and performance

In the asset store there is Aubergines Water and also Suinomo 2.1

Whats needed is a 3rd party site that reviews assets!

Anyone care to make a recommendation?

A recommendation for what exactly? Deep ocean? Waves lapping on a beach? A pool of still water? A dripping tap? A river? On mobile/desktop? Do you just need a visual effect, or should it simulate buoyancy? Fluid simulation is complicated, which is why there are so many different options.

One of the best resources I know is scrawkblog. See, for example, Loading... but it’s well worth checking out the other water posts too.