Current unity iPhone and iphone 4

if I upgrade to iOS4 on my iPhone and SDK 4 will this work with the current version of unity? I know I'd need to wait for Unity 3 for 4 features, but I'm worried it might cause problems anyway, has anyone tried it yet?

You can install the new iPhone SDK in a different path than /Developer/. I did this, and I have the 3.2 SDK and the 4.0 SDK side by side. I tried compiling and running on an OS4 device and it worked, but I didn't do any heavy testing. I'm also not using that for submissions to the app store just yet.

Granted, I also have two different devices for testing on so I can try multiple OSes. If you only have one, it would be a pain to put it in DFU mode and restore every time you wanted to test against 3.x.

I have not had any trouble with Unity iPhone 1.7 and the latest XCode/SDK package.