Cursor.lockstate and OnPointerEnter not working together

Today we moved our project over from Unity 5.3.6 to 5.4.2, and so far we have only noticed one big issue.
Locking the cursor used to center it and still trigger Pointer enters and exits on world space UI. But now according to the EventSystem in editor, the pointer position is set to -1,-1 and it does not trigger any enter or exit calls. I am currently thinking I will have to change how it is setup, even though it worked perfectly in 5.3.6. Has anyone else seen this?

Hello, I have found a solution to avoid this problem (Still available in Unity 2018.2.6f).

Is not the best solution, but this can help.

Before calling the Process method of your Input Module, you can set the lock state of the cursor to None. To do this easily, you can create your custom input module like the code below.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;

public class CustomInputModule : StandaloneInputModule
	// Current cursor lock state (memory cache)
	private	CursorLockMode	_currentLockState	=	CursorLockMode.None;

	/// <summary>
	/// Process the current tick for the module.
	/// </summary>
	public override void	Process()
		_currentLockState	=	Cursor.lockState;

		Cursor.lockState	=	CursorLockMode.None;


		Cursor.lockState	=	_currentLockState;

I tried doing something like this, but it seemed to break in 5.5.

It seems that, if Cursor.lockstate is on, then although the custom raycaster fires, the processing of the move is discarded.