cursor misbehaves in UI

Inside the Unity UI, my cursor is the flipped version of a normal cursor in my OS (left side right, like a mirror). Besides, the click position deviates a bit, for example, say if I want to click on a button (anything inside the UI), the actual position being clicked is 1cm to the right, so I have to click 1cm to the left.

This makes it very difficult to click on something, especially for folders. I’m using a 2 by 3 layout and the project window is on the left side of the UI, I want to click on the small triangle to the left of the “Assets” folder to open it up, but due to the deviation, I cannot click on it unless I move my mouse outside the entire UI window.

Why does Unity change my default cursor shape of the operating system?

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 and have a list of cursor themes available. Now I changed to a different cursor and it works, some work some do not, this is sooooooo strange. Never had this issue with any other applications, this must be a Unity UI bug on the operating system level…

for someone googling around with the same issue, hope it helps