Curve modifiers from blender to unity (unapplied modifiers)

How can I have curves act the same way in Unity as they do in Blender? when I pull the track

it rotates around in a spline on the curve, but in Unity, it translates. How can I fix this? its not working at all. Blender people redirected me here.

You need the MegaFiers asset from the Asset Store or the website it has over 50 modifiers such as bend and spline deform, it even has a system for doing conveyor belts or tracked vehicles. You can see some of the functionality in the videos below. The system also allows you to turn splines or curves into meshes as well.

System overview - MegaFiers for Unity Features Video - YouTube

Spline deform - MegaFiers Path Deform for Unity - YouTube

Tracked vehicles/belts - MegaShapes - Tracked Vehicle System - YouTube