Custom build platform

I saw that you can have per-platform texture importer. For a server build, I’d like to remove all textures - since I can’t do that to my knowledge, I’m trying to set the texture importer to lowest quality (using TextureImporter.maxTextureSize, or rather, the platform-specific TextureImporter.SetPlatformTextureSettings. Is there a way I can, for example, add a custom Platform that I can switch to when building the project? In other words, can I have two Windows platforms, one for “Windows (for client)” and another “Windows (for server)”? It seems that’s not the function of selecting the platform is designed for, but it seems to be a potential way to get what I want.

you can ask for the operating system your user has like this

	if (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.WindowsPlayer)
		Debug.Log("Do something special here");

or if you want the actual string from the machine’s properties you could call this and see if the string contains a specific version or something you are looking for.


If you look up “Systeminfo” you can even see how much ram or processer cores your user has if that is relevent.

you could simply reasign texture, materials or render setting in an “if” statement.

I hope this info helps