Custom Camera Script Toggle Enabled / Disabled

I am designing a first person environment, where the user switches perspective with a third person camera, and with the third person camera, is able to place objects at mouse location.

What I am having difficulties with, is the togglePause procedure.
It functions by the user pressing the “i” button.
It draws up the inventory accordingly and the camera script is disabled, thus simulating a pause, and from there the user can drag and drop the items.

Currently, it works for the player GameObject, but I constantly get errors claiming it cannot find the custom script I assigned the camera which is attached to the GameObject “Camera2”
The camera has the tag “camera2” as well.


I need to get my togglePause procedure to enable and disable my custom, “freeCam” script from the camera attached to my second GameObject, “Camera2”.
The custom script is JavaScript and I have the main script which contains the togglePause procedure in C#.

Here is the script section:

bool togglePause(){
		if (showInventory) {
			GameObject.Find ("Player").GetComponent <MouseLook> ().enabled = true;
            //GameObject.Find("camera2").GetComponent<FPSInputController>().enabled = true;
            //Camera cam2 = GameObject.Find(Camera2).GetComponent<freeCam>() as Camera;
            GameObject cam = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("camera2");
            freeCamJS = cam.GetComponent("freeCam") as MonoBehaviour;
            freeCamJs.enabled = true;
		} else {
			GameObject.Find ("Player").GetComponent <MouseLook> ().enabled = false;

It has been a few months since I have done any programming with unity, so I am not sure whether this is the real issue:

Maybe the problem is that you are trying to access a disabled component. Try to use a global variable for your freecam component that you assign upon game initialisation (with the script enabled- then turn it off immediately afterwards)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The component is not disabled upon initialisation, rather it is on when the game starts and remains on with the current script.
I need it to where, when the user presses “I” the script will turn off and on when the button is pressed again.