Custom Dashboards is available for everyone to use!

Hello everyone!

I'm thrilled to announce that our new Analytics feature, Custom Dashboards, is now available. Custom dashboards let you create your own custom dashboards using reports you’ve created in Data Explorer, SQL Data Explorer, and Funnels!

Custom Dashboards give you the ability to:

  • Get tailored insights based on your needs

  • Quickly and easily monitor a set of charts regularly, side by side for efficient tracking

  • Create, save and edit custom dashboards

  • Share the dashboard with a colleague for improved collaboration

  • Toggle between table or chart views directly from the dashboard

  • Visualize charts as line, area, column, stacked bar and pie charts

  • Mediate your most important reports into one centralized view

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the product.

To get started with Custom Dashboards, simply head over to the UGS Dashboard and get started by clicking New Dashboard.

Keep on Creating,
Unity Analytics Team

Hello clarec,

Is it possible in custom dashboard to have date range selection like in Data Explorer for instance?
Currently, if I want to see the stats from May only or last week from Monday to Sunday, I have to go to my request, change the date range, save the report and refresh dashboard. This can be tedious with a lot of report.
Is it planed or something ?

In SQL Data Explorer, when sorting results by integer, it sorts by the first number.

9, 8, 7, 64, 61, 6, 57, 52, 5, 4, 3, 27, 21, 2, 17, 15, 1
That's a interesting way to count, but not the attended one.

EDIT : Maybe the solution is to cast to integer before sorting (I think my values (INTEGER) are strings, that's why I got this result)

We can move reports but can't resize them.
For tables with a large amount of entries in x axis, it would be great to lengthen the graph to windows's width.
Also, we have to chose between table or graph at edition, so we can't see both on report. Can you add the possibility to switch between graph and table at display ?

Hi @LeToineDelh , thank you for sharing your feedback on Custom Dashboards! We're currently in the feedback-gathering phase and will soon prioritize improvements. Good news: dashboard filtering and resizing charts are already on our list!

Regarding your request to switch between a chart and a graph, we currently offer this in edit mode. Would you find it useful to have this feature in view mode as well? Additionally, we're exploring the option of adding the same chart multiple times with different visuals, would this be helpful for your use case?

I've passed on the sorting issues in SQL Data Explorer to our engineering team for investigation. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Yes, I do. I will share the dashboard with my client and I want him to access the data from the custom dashboard, not the edit mode (I don't want him to modify anything). Same chart, differents visuals, yes. Both works for me.

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Dashboard is getting more and more interesting. Good job!
Visualization can be messy in certain conditions (see attachment).
As you can see, bars can be superimposed on each other (pink & blue from two different days) and can be out of scope (pink 18/01 on the right, same on the left if data).
Maybe you would want to improve visualization at some point.
Keep up the good work !