Custom data events not arriving

The day before yesterday I added 3 custom data events and eventually the next day they appeared in the analytics website. Encouraged I added some more, it's been over a day and none of those new events have registered.
I've got a number of products that all use the same project key since I want to accumulate all the data into one, is that likely to be a problem?
How do you go about debugging events that don't show up?

Looking in the Integration tab all data seems to have stopped arriving on 29/04
No new data since then and none of my new events after the initial 3 that I added as a test.

Ok might have got to the bottom of this, going back and re-opening all my projects and the Integration script was showing as missing, even though I had previously added it. Re-adding it for a second time and testing in the Editor seems to show data sending again.

So I'm seeing data appearing in the Integration tab of the analytics website but only when I test in the Editor. Should I be seeing live data arriving in there too?

Hey @monark !

Glad you caught that missing integration script. The live data should be showing up in the dashboard after 4-6 hours after going through some processing and aggregation - which is probably why you’re not seeing it now.

It’s not a problem in the sense that it would break something, but we think it may make your life more complicated and your experience more limited. For example, you will not be able to separately count the DAUs from each of your projects. Perhaps you can share your reasoning on why you’d want to do that? We’d be happy to advise if there are simpler ways that can help you achieve your goals.

Well it's a day later and I'm still only seeing data from one webplayer. I did test the integration of each product and the basic test showed apps opening from the editor so I'm still not sure what is going on there. I'll have to investigate more when back in work on Tuesday. I'd be interested to know if live data can be viewed arriving in the integration tab of the website? I only see editor data in that area at the moment,

My reasoning for combining is this: I have 11 modules of a product that are all released as separate apps but I want to track usage of features that are common between those apps. Having them all separate would mean me manually summing them up later, unless you can link apps in the analytics website?

In order to track which modules/apps are used most I've added a custom event string that tracks the app name so I can still get to that data too. So it's an unusual situation where one product is actually split up into many parts.

Ok I'm now getting consistent data from all products. It took several days to show up but after I updated to the new SDK it seemed to be better.

Unless you have other suggestions for collecting cross product data this is now all working. Cheers