Custom DLL - MissingMethodException: string[] string.Split

For some reason, I can’t get string.split to work from within the dll. (I can successfully use it in Unity/C#)

Here is a snip of my C# code in a separate solution:

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    namespace DLLPackage
    	public class TimeSheet : BaseObject
    		public TimeSheet(string builder)
    			string[] elements = builder.Split(',');

Everything compiles great. I put the dll in my assets/plugins folder.

namespace UnityApp
	public static class Portfolio
		public static void Example()
			TimeSheet t = new TimeSheet("-1,0,0,0");
//MissingMethodException: string[] string.Split(char,System.StringSplitOptions)


I have tried various cleans/rebuilds/renames that I found while googling. Nothing seems to help, it’s ONLY this system method. I can call other system methods, my own methods, my own constructors no problem.

Alright, after I wasted half a day on this, if anyone finds this - Your solution template is wrong.
Also see below @AllanSmithZ3 and @Otto_Oliveira answers. Depending on your use case, try the various settings until you get something that will work for your project.

(On OSX) When I made a new solution I selected “Class Library .NET Core”.
I made a “Portable Library Multiplatform” with my same files, and it fixed it.

The only thing that tipped me off was on this page:

It says:
Portable Class Library
Supported in: portable .NET platforms

Not 100% sure if this solution type is what I should continue with, but it seems to be working for now.

Hi @Fillmore ,
In my case, I fixed this creating a Empty C# Project and then adding the necessary References, as you can see the ‘System’ assembly.

Using this method it’s also necessary to change the Compile Target to Library. Currently I’m using Unity 2018.3 so I kept the Target Framework to 4.7.1

Hey @Fillmore, answering about one year later but… since PLC is deprecated now its a better idea to create .NET Standard 2.0 class library instead of PLC, and it solves this problem as well. I know because I literally just did this, first I was following your answer, then noticed that System.Serializable doesnt work for PLC, but it does for .NET Standard 2.0, so I changed my projects back to .NET Standard 2.0 and finally string.split is working.

At any rate, thanks for the original answer haha, had you not posted it I probably would have taken years to figure it out that you need a different project type…