Custom dll on web player

Hi all,

I know in the docs it says that custom dlls for web applications have been disabled due to security reasons, I was just wondering if there is any way around this.

For example, I know that you aren’t supposed to be able to write to an XML file from a web application either, but I know you can talk to php and then have the php talk to the xml file and write to it.

Is there any kind of work around like that?

Thank you.

When they say disabled due to security reasons, it means disabled for security reasons. They would not enable a way for you to run native code (what a DLL will do) on the web player because it would be a huge security issue.

This also means that there is no way around it. Except for security holes which would be patched almost as soon as they were discovered.

For those reading this that do not know what kind of security issues would exist: A web player that allowed native code to be run would allow access to your hard drive and other system stuff. For example, they would be able to copy all of your personal data and then delete it off your computer.