Custom Editor Like the Animator?

I would like to make my own editor for a custom asset and I would really like something like the editor that Unity uses for Animators. Is there an Editor type built into Unity I can extend or use somehow to create nodes and transitions between them like in the Animator window?

If not, does anyone know if an extension that makes this easy to do so I don’t have to write it all myself? :wink:

Hey There,

Unity has the EditorWindow class that you can make your custom windows with but it’s just bare bones. It is completely possible to make your window that looks like the Animator but you have a LOT of coding ahead of you.

The nodes that you are seeing are (most likely) just GUILayout.Window() function.

The cool thing about Unity is that everything you see in the default editor you can make yourself (for the most part).


@Moohasha, I am looking for the same type of thing, did you find something to start with?