Custom Event Details show "no data"

I send custom events and I get "Ok" as a result. I select this event on my data explorer and it shows a graph that indicates some users for this event.

But when i click on "view parameters" it tells me that there is "no data". The event parameters are some int, float and a string value.

Note that all events take a bit of time to process (up to four hours) before they show up in the Data Explorer. That said, I think you've found a legitimate bug. I'm going to investigate and I'll get back to you...likely on Monday since it's late on Friday right now.

Hey @owleetEU

Just pushed out a fix which should address the issue you faced. Please try again and let us know if you experience any further issues.


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I had this bug for days, but it seems to work now, thanks :-).

Took a few hours for me today. Events were showing in the testing section, but not in the metrics reports. Not a big deal, just good to know I really didn't need to set something else up for the custom events!