Custom event for unique tracking value

Hi there, i just started to use the analytics system.

I would try to create an unique custom event, i don't know if it's currently possible.
For example, i saw we can set the player gender / birthyear, is it possible to set something like "player current inventory slot number" ?

Something where i don't need to track the values overtime, but just the last one ?

Hi @AnonDreamer ,

Currently there is nothing like a custom User Attribute but you could just send information as a parameter in a Custom Event. What exactly are you trying to track and how are you looking to have this information displayed?

I think i was looking at this problem the wrong way ^^;.

Let's say the players have a fixed inventory as a start, and then they can expand it.
For example, if i wanted to track, the inventory unlocked slot nb (how many extra slots each players has got), i would like to get only, the last value of the total unlocked slot nb.

But it seems to make it work, i just need to make a custom event for exemple "unlocked_slot_nb_increased" with "1" as a parameter and sending it each time one slot is unlocked, instead of registering this custom event, and sending the total actual unlocked slot number.

And then, i would like to see on average, how many extra slots the players have.

Hi @AnonDreamer ,

I think I understand what you are trying to do and this sounds like it would be a good use case for a funnel. You would create a funnel where each step fills once a player has unlocked another item slot.

Step 1: "inventory_size", "1"
Step 2: "inventory_size", "2"
Step 3: "inventory_size", "3"

Then all you would need to do is send a custom event with the size of the inventory every time it increases and you will be able to see how many of your players have unlocked each inventory size. You can read more about funnels here,

I hope this helps!

Thank you ! I'll look into it:)

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