Custom font after build.

I'm making a game that displays Japanese text. I used Arial Unicode as my font. Everything goes smoothly in my computer. However, when I tried the game in other computers, the Japanese characters are blurry. Here is the related code:

void Start () {
    wordStyle = new GUIStyle();
    wordStyle.font = wordFont;
    wordStyle.normal.textColor = new Color(194/255, 194/255, 194/255);


void OnGUI () {
        GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 10, 200, 50), "Score: " + GlobalUtilScript.playerScore);
        GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 30, 200, 50), "Lives: " + playerLives);

        if (typeMode == true) {
            GUI.Label(new Rect(200, 30, 200, 50), GlobalUtilScript.jStrings[GlobalUtilScript.wordIndex], wordStyle);

I tried to install the font but the results are the same. May I know if I'm missing something here?

Info Updated:

It seems that even if I apply the font in ordinary texts, the result is the same. Still blurry. It seems that the process of applying the font is the source of the problem and not the Japanese text. Any insights on this? Thank you very much.

there are different possibilities. maybe the anti aliasing setting is not supported in GPU of the other computer and maybe the font texture's size is bigger than the supported texture size of the other computer.

The answer you don't want.

For Japanese and all complex languages in a UI or GUI you NEED Scaleform to get a great result.

Unity's GUI and font handling is atrocious. It's from the dark ages of the demoscene and early game making. There's a thread on the "features wanted" thread that indicates they're working on it. But ZERO indication of what they're working on, when it will be out or what it may or may not do.

Autodesk recently bought Scaleform, and for reasons not obvious, there's some sort of friendship between Autodesk and Unity3D at middle management level. But this is also non-transparent.

Which means your correct choice of engine is UDK.

Scaleform is not yet implemented on iOS UDK, only PC, Xbox and PS3.

However the rumours are it's coming to iOS UDK sooner than later, that they're implementing the full spec list of AS3 via Scaleform 4.0+. Dreamy stuff. And UDK is more fun to play with, if a little daunting at first.

UDK particles are worth the switch alone. UDK Kismet is the most wonderful thing in game engines.

I'm doing a Japanese and Chinese learning game in UDK simply because of Scaleform, but have stalled the development waiting for iOS Scaleform. So for now, I'm back here... making a prototype of another idea I've got.

Unity is great for prototyping. Less so for anything serious.