Custom font: works on web and Mac but not Windows?

I have a Unity project that includes a TTF file for a custom font. The font in question works properly in the Mac build and the web player build when played on a Mac, but fails to render in the Windows build or in the web player when played on Windows.

The error message on windows is:

Cannot add font resource

(Filename: ....\Runtime\Filters\Misc\Font.cpp Line: 815)

This is followed by a series of "Could not get Glyph outline:" messages with the same stack (trying to render a label from OnGUI in one of my scripts). Presumably those are because the font failed to load.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this would fail on Windows?

What is the "Character" of your Font in the Inspector? Because I had the same error when I set it to dynamic which is standard, but as Unicode it works great.

Maybe give it a try if you haven't found out yet ;-)