Custom HLSL shaders rendering broken on fully immersive VR app

Hello all, I’m trying to convert some CG shaders over to HLSL so they can be used with lighting in the URP. On the Vision Pro and in the simulator the shaders are only rendering in one eye and are pink - they work fine in the Unity editor and on PCVR headsets so I am guessing that I am missing something specific that is needed for the Vision Pro (like maybe DepthOnly passes or something like that) - Is there any documentation on writing custom HLSL shaders that will work on the Vision Pro? A basic working example would be very helpful (the minimal example at URP unlit basic shader | Universal RP | 8.2.0 exhibits the same issues on the Vision Pro).

I unblocked myself by copying the Unlit shader source and adding in my code from there. It would still be nice if there were some details on what is required to make shaders supported on the vision pro, but at least I am able to make progress again.

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When building for visionOS Device SDK, Single-Pass Instanced rendering will be used.You can refer to this page:Unity - Manual: Single-pass instanced rendering and custom shaders @WhiteNoiz