Custom Icons for standalone game builds, where are those implemented?

I read in a blog post here, that this feature is already implemented and I can't find it. Or will it be shipped with the next version maybe?

Look under Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Icons

Read more about it here:

You need to type a number to increase the size of the array (which is zero by default), and then add an image into each element of the array. Each item represents the icon at a different size, and you should specifically have sizes of 32x32, 48x48, and 128x128.

I am developing for android but I have used this workaround for pc builds and mac builds as well. You must create the following path in the Assets folder of your project.
Plugins/Android/res/drawable. Place your custom icon (64x64 resolution) into the drawable folder and it should replace the Unity Icon with your custom icon. The icon format should be a .png .