Custom mouse icon

So, for my start menu, I’m trying to have a custom mouse cursor icon, and it’s there, but it’s hidden behind my background for the start menu. Is there any way to move it “up” a layer? Here’s the Javascript code for the mouse:

#pragma strict
var icon : Texture2D;

function Start() {
Screen.showCursor = false;


function OnGUI() {
var mousePos : Vector3 = Input.mousePosition;
var pos : Rect = Rect(mousePos.x,Screen.height - mousePos.y,icon.width,icon.height);


Yes, you can use GUI.depth, which specifies the relative ‘depth’ to draw GUI elements at. Lower values are drawn over the top of higher values. I think you can use negative values as it takes an int, so try using GUI.depth = -1.

(I haven’t used this myself so I’m just going on what the docs say…)