Custom OnSceneGUI-editor not working for ScriptableObjects?

Hello Internet,

I have a ScriptableObject…

public class PickupPosition : ScriptableObject
    public Vector3 _position;

I want to visually edit the _position attribute within my scene. Preferably with a transform-handle:

public class AreaEditor : Editor
    public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        Debug.Log("The Inspector-GUI gets called");

    void OnSceneGUI()
        Debug.Log("why is the SceneGUI not called?");

Defining the OnSceneGUI works for MonoBehaviours but not for ScriptableObjects.
Editing properties of ScriptableObjects within the 3d-scene would be quiet convenient, but I can’t find any documentation if or how this would be possible.

On a side note: I have a difficult time figuring out why some methods (like OnInspectorGUI()) needs to be overridden whereas others ( OnSceneGUI() , OnEnable(), etc.) just need to be defined. I find this distinction quite arbitrary. Is there any documentation on that topic?

Any ideas or suggestions are highly welcome.

Can I do anything to clarify this question?

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