Custom Physics Shape Problems

I’m trying to create a custom physics shape for my sprite to use in the tilemap editor. I went to the sprite editor and created the custom physics shape and went to the Tile Asset and under collider type I selected “Sprite” like the documentation tells me to do.

When applied to the tilemap editor it still comes out a square. Even resetting it doesn’t work. painting new tiles doesn’t work. I’m really confused. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if it’s broken in the new Unity version.

I’m in Unity 2019.3.4f.
My Tilemap has these components:

  • Tilemap
  • Tilemap Renderer
  • Tilemap Collider 2D
  • Rigidbody2D
  • Composite Collider 2D

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For anyone seeing this post in the future. You need to go to the TilemapCollider2D component, right click → Reset, then the changes will be applied.

Any luck? I’m having this issue as well.