Custom Project Template Path Character Limit Error

I created a custom project template for Unity 2022.3.1 LTS on Windows 10, but when I try to create a project, I get the error "Your project settings will result in a path length that exceeds the character limit. Please shorten the path."

I tried all Windows 10 methods to fix this such as enabling long file path from registry and group policy but that didn't fix it.

I'm already trying to create the project into C:/Unity folder to make it the shortest path possible

anyone know a workaround or a solution to make unity custom project templates work?


I am encoutering the same issue, I've been using the same path for all of my projects with and without the use of templates, and it never caused any error (using 2021 LTS). Now, with 2022.3.5f1 I am facing this issue but I wouldn't have to use a different location.
I also tried all the potential external fix (Windows LongPathsEnabled etc.) but it didn't help

Have you found any solution to this friends?

Same issue with 2022.3.12f1

Same problem here with 2022.3.11f1

Same with 2022.3.12f1

Same. It seems like it only happens when trying to create a new project on a drive that isn't my C: drive (i.e. D:\Development\<new_project_name>).

Also, seems to be when I am creating a project based on a Project Template, specifically the Mixed Reality template.


Hey everyone!

What we are doing in hub is recursively checking every path inside the template folder to see if there is any path in the template that is too long. If there are any over 260 characters then you will see this message.

If you are creating a custom template you need to be wary of the paths inside the template.

If you are encountering this issue with a unity template and the project name/path is reasonably short then please create a bug report including the template and editor version you are trying to create with.

For info, got this error, then changed the project name from "My Project" to something without spaces and the error went away

due to less space in your drive, try to move the folder path location to drive with more space

Still happening on 2022.3.17. This wasn't a problem on previous (2021.x) versions, but the workaround is to just create a project at the root of your drive then copy it to the location you actually want it and it opens fine.


2022.3.7f1 LTS This error still exists

Still broken in 2022.3.20

Support of 2020LTS is ended almost a year ago. You shouldn't expect any updates. Even 2021LTS will lose its support in a couple of months.

Meant 2022.3.20 of course ;). Must've been tired.

And it seems more like it's a Unity Hub issue, as it happens when I try to create a project in the Hub. In fact I only tried to create a project out of new templates for URP that just released. Had to shorten the project name because it wouldn't go through. And the path was absolutely not too long for Windows.

Hey there ! You might have missed my above post:

If you see this message then there is a pretty good chance that the path actually is too long. Before we handled this in the hub users would see something like this:
"Failed to resolve project template: Failed to decompress [\AppData\Roaming\UnityHub\Templates\com.unity.template.2d-1.0.7.tgz]."

There can be a number of causes to that error message. Making sure the paths in the templates are never unreasonably long is another issue which I'm told is being actively worked on at the moment.

Happening in 2022.21f1. Path is 35 characters long.

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Any fix yet? I'm getting the same thing.

i had this error because of my username

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This is def

Same for me. I have a "." in my user name and the path is only 34 characters long. On another machine with a user name without a "." the same path works just fine.