Custom Resolution Dialog at Start?


well I know this question is already asked… So I will try to change it a little bit…

Well I will try to make a custom Launcher, but I want to know which parameters are introduced into the program when we press the button play of that dialog…

I mean that button:

Play button is focused

Maybe it opens like: OurGame.exe res windowed? (Ourgame.exe 1280x1024 0/1 (0 for Windowed and 1 for Fullscreen) ??

How can I know the parameters? Are they in the Wiki?

I found how to insert our own parameters: Parameters at Startup - Unity Answers

But maybe the parameters that I’m searching is in Unity API?? And I can’t know them??

Well I find that: Unity - Manual: Command line arguments

It can be useful for future askers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.

I will answer my own question, I can know the parameters at startup doing that:

    static string cmdInfo = "";
    void Start () 
       string[] arguments = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs();
       foreach(string arg in arguments)
         cmdInfo += arg.ToString() + "


    void OnGUI()
       Rect r = new Rect(5,5, 800, 500);
       GUI.Label(r, cmdInfo);

But Custom Resolution Dialog doesn’t have any custom parameter… so… I have made a Launcher for that…