Custom RGBA color value cyan bug

I have some 3D text with box colliders on my main menu that change color when you scroll over them. It works fine, but when I try to use custom RGB values it breaks. Here is my main menu script:

// Custom shade of green, RGBA value: 0, 217, 70, 255
var cGreen = new Color(0, 217, 70, 255);

function OnMouseEnter(){
// Change the color of the text when scrolled over
renderer.material.color =;

function OnMouseExit(){
// Change the color of the text back to the original color
renderer.material.color = cGreen;

The problem here is with the OnMouseExit function. For some reason instead of reverting to the original color when the mouse is scrolled away from the text, it turns into a bright cyan color. 0, 217, 70, 255 is the exact RGBA value for the shade of green I want, and I’ve tried setting cGreen to (0, 0, 0) to test that, and it still turned into bright cyan. Anyone know why this bright cyan color bug is happening? Anyone know a better way of creating a custom RGBA color value and setting my text color equal to it when the mouse is scrolled off of it?

Color uses float parameters not integers! 0…1