Custom Shader Nodes In VS Simulator

Hey all, I’m doing some tests with custom function nodes, as I have a lot of hand written shaders that need to be redone in shader graph.

It looks like if it was a “string” type it works, however a file type in the simulator it shows as follows.

Here is the setup.

Here is what shows in simulator. It doesn’t have a shader error, but it seems as if the file didn’t load and defaulted to grey.

Do you know if this will be supported later or is there a way I can set it up so that a file custom function node will work?


Currently, we only support the String function type; we have no support at present for the File function type. Adding support for files is on our road map for eventual support, but I can’t give you a time estimate at present.

Also, be aware that the support for Custom Function nodes is limited to a very basic subset of HLSL (described in the document I linked above).

Thanks @kapolka , this is super helpful to see what is supported currently.

Is there a timeline, or if there will be support for Texture 2d Arrays?


No timeline at present, but it is something we’re aware of. Currently, the underlying platform only supports 2D textures, so we are looking into the possibility of emulating cube map textures, 3D textures, and possible texture arrays by packing them into 2D textures and using custom MaterialX to sample them.

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