Custom sorting function - need help

Hi, I’m trying to sort an array of intergers that looks somewhat like this:


This is my sorting function:

function compare(a,b){
return a-b;

I want it to put the highest number on top, but the zeros on the bottom of the array. Does anyone know how I can get it to do that?

Use a smarter Compare function:

function compare(a: int,b: int)
  if (a == b) return 0;
  if (a == 0) return +1;
  if (b == 0) return -1;
  // otherwise compare normally
  return a-b;

And then sort the list. You will have to use the list from the System.Collection.Generic namespace. You cannot use the Unity-Array class, as it lacks a customizable sort operation.

List<int> yourlist;

List list = new List();
// add numbers
list.Sort(); // sorts ascending - this is what you need I guess
list.Reverse(); // now descending

Cheers, Keld