Custom Sounds on Local Notifications? (iOS)

I’m using local push notifications for a project that i’m currently working on, the notifications themselves are working absolutely fine. The problem is trying to use a custom sound for the notification. I’m using the SoundName variable within LocalNotification and setting it to “soundName.fileFormat” but this is not working.

    Debug.Log ("About to play aiff.");
    LocalNotification notif = new LocalNotification(); 
    notif.alertAction = "alert";
    notif.fireDate = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(5); 
    notif.alertBody = "Playing aiff sound";
    notif.soundName = "chicken.aiff";
    notif.applicationIconBadgeNumber = -1;

One thing i’m trying to figure out is where to put the soundfile itself? I’m assuming that this is a native iOS function and that the file may have to be in a certain place for this to work?

Lastly i have tried this with 5 different file formats (aiff, caf, m4a, mp3, wav).

Thanks in advanced.

The problem was the location of where i had the file, after building the project for iOS in unity and opening xcode, drag the sound file (i’m using .wav) into xcode ontop of the unity project. A pop up will then appear, set the target to the unity project. Build and run on a device and hey presto! :slight_smile: