Custom Systems

Hi Everybody. In Unity can I write my own custom lighting system, custom particle system, and rendering engine through C# scripting language? Thank you in advance for the reply.

Yes sure if you have the knowledge to make this you can.
of course Unity is Open source ( if you pay i think )
But alot of people “REMAKE” thing who was already included in unity like :
Collision, GUI, etc…

So im sure you can

Collision detection: sure, a lot of work but possible

Particles: yepp, if you don’t want anything too fancy

Rendering, Lighting and pretty much everything else that needs low level access to the gpu (or at least GL/DirectX): I don’t think so.

Question is: Why would you? If you wan’t to build your engine from scratch, why use Unity in the first place? Plus there’s only very few things you can’t achieve using Unity’s built in Rendering/Particle/Physics/whatever systems.