Custom terrain textures,seeing seams,how do I fix this?

I am currently moving around,and I am staying at a town with mountains/forests around it,so I took a few pics of the leafy ground,grass ground,gravel,forest ground,etc… and when I put it into Unity,it looks good up close,but you can still see the seams a bit,but from a far,you can see each square/tile of the texture. So I really have 2 questions.

  1. Would you play a game,say it had realistic textures,but you could see the seams of some objects,like terrain?

2)How do I get rid of these seams,in a photo editing program (I use and GIMP 2) or in Unity?

You could use the Unity3D standard grass assets, or you could research a tutorial for GIMP 2 or if you have access, photoshop. Heres a GIMP tutorial (the first link on google): How to Create a Seamless (Tileable) Texture using Gimp for Second Life - YouTube.
Im not sure if it’s any good though. I don’t use gimp

Basically you want to make sure all the textures are tileable, get something like then google some tutorials on how to make a texture tileable.

Also if you have photoshop, their are plugins that will do a lot of the work for you, perhaps you may even find a plugin for gimp.