Custom Transform Editor in Scene Editor

we can create custom inspector for transform object by deriving a class from Editor class, I did that and implement my custom behaviour of editing the transform on the inspector.

When user edit the transform not from inspector but using the transform gizmo on editor scene, my custom transform editor on the inspector is not invoked.

my question is, how we do custom editing of transform on scene editor?

*this custom editing I want to implement is such as translate by snaping to grid, proportionaly scale, uniform scale, restricted or limited transform etc etc…

I am pretty sure that you need to OVERRIDE the original declarations and classes to be able to achieve your goal. I sadly don’t know where the needed documentation is located, but if you search for ‘editor override’ you’re probably going in the right direction.
Again, this is a ‘simple’ declaration override. You need to change the normal behavior of the editor putting your class ‘above’ the editor’s original one.
This is done through ‘basic’ object oriented programming methods and declarations.

Just throwing this out there: