custom UI Text Field

We are developing a word game for iOS & Android in Unity. My question is simple and technical related: how to implement a custom UI Text Field?

See the image attached58711-screen-shot-2015-11-24-at-145454.png

Hello, yous question was not specific enought, but i’ll show you a code i have wich gets my inputs on text fields, and convert it to Json files, so i can have all writen in 1 file.

using LitJson; // (Json library gotta download this on the asset store for free if you want to use it)
using System.IO;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class C_Sist_Json : MonoBehaviour

    public Abrir_c_Sist C_Sist = new Abrir_c_Sist("", 0, 0, "", 0, "");
    JsonData C_Sist_JSON;

    [SerializeField] //THIS IS IMPORTANT, if you atach your code to a game object, this will make a black space show when you click the object (on the script component) in wich you'll put your text field
    public InputField Assunto_Sist_field = null; //make sure it is PUBLIC
    public Dropdown Problema_Apresentado_Sist_drop = null;
    public Dropdown Contrato_Sist_drop = null;
    public InputField Telefone_do_contato_Sist_field = null;
    public Dropdown Prioridade_Sist_drop = null;
    public InputField Descricao_Sist_field = null;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()


    public void Abrir_C_Sist()
        string Assunto_Sist = Assunto_Sist_field.text; // this will set the inputs into the variables
        int Problema_Apresentado_Sist = Problema_Apresentado_Sist_drop.value;
        int Contrato_Sist = Contrato_Sist_drop.value;
        string Telefone_de_contato_Sist = Telefone_do_contato_Sist_field.text;
        int Prioridade_Sist = Prioridade_Sist_drop.value;
        string Descricao_Sist = Descricao_Sist_field.text;

        C_Sist = new Abrir_c_Sist(Assunto_Sist, Problema_Apresentado_Sist, Contrato_Sist, Telefone_de_contato_Sist, Prioridade_Sist, Descricao_Sist); //setting my public class to my Json
        C_Sist_JSON = JsonMapper.ToJson(C_Sist);  //organizing the Json file
        File.WriteAllText(Application.dataPath + "/Chamado_Sist.json", C_Sist_JSON.ToString());  //where the Json should be Created



public class Abrir_c_Sist  //creating the public class to the Json file
    public string Assunto_Sist_Json;
    public int Problema_Apresentado_Sist_Json;
    public int Contrato_Sist_Json;
    public string Telefone_do_contato_Sist_Json;
    public int Prioridade_Sist_Json;
    public string Descricao_Sist_Json;

    public Abrir_c_Sist(string Assunto_Sist_Json, int Problema_Apresentado_Sist_Json, int Contrato_Sist_Json, string Telefone_do_contato_Sist_Json, int Prioridade_Sist_Json, string Descricao_Sist_Json)
        this.Assunto_Sist_Json = Assunto_Sist_Json;//setting variables to Json
        this.Problema_Apresentado_Sist_Json = Problema_Apresentado_Sist_Json;
        this.Contrato_Sist_Json = Contrato_Sist_Json;
        this.Telefone_do_contato_Sist_Json = Telefone_do_contato_Sist_Json;
        this.Prioridade_Sist_Json = Prioridade_Sist_Json;
        this.Descricao_Sist_Json = Descricao_Sist_Json;


Do you mean the background?
You can just nest a UI text element inside an Image element
and the UI text has a font property where you can change the font.

Then you can make a Prefab from that, and you’ll have your Custom Text control