Custom Use for UnityEvents like in the GUI buttons

I find very practical the UnityEvent that exist automatically on GUIs like the buttons. I can add events, drag & drop any game object on it, and modificate almost anything on it, even calling public functions.
That’s really time saving for certain setups during level design…

Could it be possible to create such areas on any other object (non GUI), but instead of execute it with a condition like “On Click ()”, to call it with a custom public function, via another script?

Yes, you are looking for UnityEvents:

Thanks @Dinosaurs, but i tried the scripts proposed on the link you gave and i don’t see anything appearing on the Inspector. I would like to see like in the image, for being able to click the “+” button and add events (just having a custom public function instead of “On Click ()”). Or mabe just copy the script is not sufficient?