Customising Muse Texture

Hi there. I’m playing around with Muse Texture to evaluate it for our organisation. I’ve got a few questions about how much we can customise it.

  • Can we change how it generates materials? We’re using an SRP with our own set of shaders (and we don’t use shadergraph). Can we make it generate a material based on our shaders?
  • Can we customise what sort of textures it produces and how they’re packed? (e.g. roughness instead of smoothness, and packing Metallic and Roughness into the same texture?
  • Why does it create a Muse asset for every search, rather than storing them in editor-only data? Can we at least customise where they’re stored, rather than being dumped into the root of the assets folder?

I appreciate we could probably write a bunch of custom tools to fix up the results of the Muse export, but it’d be great if we could customise the generation itself to make it more usable in our project.


I don’t see why you can’t change the underlying results. We wrote our own shader graph and you gave access to each maps.

In theory you can write an easy converter or simply add to our shader graph with what you need.

If you need more details we can discuss this more!

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately our SRP doesn’t support Shadergraph at all (when we started work on it, ShaderGraph was tied to URP/HDRP and didn’t support SRP - I’m not sure if that’s changed). As a result when we try to look at the PBR preview, it’s just a pink sphere.

Realistically I think the only way we could use it in the current form is to have a separate “MuseTexture” Unity project where we generate URP PBR materials/textures, and then a panel in our own project which could import those into our own shader system (doing whatever texture conversion is necessary along the way).

I could be misunderstanding though - I’ll try to find time to have a deeper look into how it uses shader graph.

is there a way for me to get access to a project so we can try it out on our side, it would be awesome to support custom SRP!

@mathieur Let’s find a way to see if we can support custom SRP for previews/final output.

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Hi :slight_smile:
In the Preferences (Edit/Preferences), in the Muse tab, you can select a Default path to save the Muse Assets. The folders in the path need to be created in order to work.